RT4 Raceway

                             Bogfather Championship Qualifiers!   

Class 1: Chris Woodward, Dale Adams, Frank Nile
Class 2: JV, Dan Nile, Travis Knox
Class 3: Dan Nile, Jen Nile, Jason Larouche
Class 4: Doug Dalton, Scott Ramsey, Leo Hatch
Class 5:
Class 6:

I will be updating the qualifiers from Mel Lane and Barnyard sometime next week
The Schedule is all updated for the 2014 Season!    

Exciting news!!

We will be HOSTING the 2014 Bogfather Championship Series

7 Participating Maine tracks -

(2) Barnyard All Terrain
(3) Oxford Deep
(4) Mud Moosabec
(5) Mel Lane
(6) Northwoods
(7) 4x4 Proving Grounds

(1) If you finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd at any participating track before October you qualify for the Championship

(2) You can also qualify by winning your class on October 4th the day before the
Championship event

(3) A Bogfather Champion will be crowned for each of the 7 Classes on October 5th so Please help spread the word

        Also if anyone is looking for a used car or truck we do sell them here. Here is a link that will have updated information on cars and trucks that we are selling!  http://u-h.com/inv/item/all/686197                                              
 We are also always looking for more Sponsors for our events so if you're interested just give us a call 207-313-9752 or timothyjladd@gmail.com

General Information

  • We are located along Route 4 in Strong Maine, the exact address is 910 Farmington Road, Strong Maine 04983
  • Admission to get in is $10 dollars and kids under 10 are free
  • If you have any questions you can email us at timothyjladd@gmail.com or call at 207-313-9752







As of right now our primary sponsors are the following people. If you would like to be a sponsor of an event we will advertise you on the website a long with announce your name at least 5 times for the event that you are sponsoring, For more Information call 207-491-6554.

Micheal Motors:
Located right on route 4 in Farmington beside Subway. If you are looking for a used car this is the place to go. For more information go to  www.michaelmotorsme.com

White Elephant: Located 5 miles from the facility in Strong Maine it is the perfect place to sit down and eat or pick up beverages before the events.

Pitcher Perfect: Located in New Sharon, They are the perfect place to buy new tires and they will mount and balance them right at the shop and they are extremely quick.

Madores Market: Located right at the four corners in West Farmington great place to stop for sandwhiches and beer.

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